From December 8th – 10th, 2020 SAP’s premier technology education event TechEd will take place, showcasing the latest tools and technologies in and around the SAP ecosystem. In recent years, TechEd took place at different locations around the world, but has been transformed this year into a completely free online event, because of the Corona pandemic.

But that is not the only thing special about this year’s TechEd for us as a company. One of our colleagues, Mike Zaschka, took part in SAP’s Devtoberfest, an initiative and small competition to promote Open-Source projects and has been named a finalist for his contributions to the PostgreSQL adapter for the SAP Cloud Application Model (in short: CAP). Together with other finalists, he will be able to showcase the project in a dedicated session at TechEd on Wednesday, Dec 9 6:10 PM – 6:40 PM CET.

As a company focusing on SAP and Cloud technologies, for p36 the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model is a major building block in creating enterprise grade cloud-based services and applications on top of SAP Cloud Platform, both, for our clients as well as for our own product portfolio. The adapter for PostgreSQL, an enterprise-grade and powerful Open-Source database, even enhances the flexibility of CAP, since it enables database-centric use cases, in which SAP HANA, the default supported database by SAP, might not be the best option.

The PostgreSQL adapter for “cds-pg” has been initially started by other members of the SAP community as an Open-Source project. Mike joined the project in October and has regularly contributed to the project since. While not yet ready for production, the adapter already is in a very robust state and, since it is available as Open Source, can be tried out and used in CAP projects.

Mike’s specific contribution for Devtoberfest has been “cds-dbm”, another Open-Source module to enable the deployment of CAP data models to PostgreSQL. To value his engagement during Devtoberfest, the jury of SAP Developer Advocates nominated both, cds-dbm as well cds-pg, as finalists, even when both are closely related.

At the final day of Devtoberfest, cds-pg took the most votes from the SAP Community and was named a winner. Mike and his standalone contribution cds-dbm took the third place. Even though there are no real prizes for the developments, this is a great result, and we are very proud of Mike’s commitment and performance. And in the end, everyone is a winner, because those created projects are Open Source and can be used freely by anyone.

We are delighted that Mike will be briefly presenting his project at TechEd and also take part in the Devtoberfest Winner Celebration at the end of the event. And if you would like to look into the technical details of the PostgreSQL adapter, please read Mike’s technical blog post in the SAP Community or check out the cds-pg project and cds-dbm project on GitHub..

p36 meets SAP TechEd