“Helping is strong”. This is the motto of Johanniter, which has been successfully teaching first aid to children in kindergartens, schools, and youth groups for years.

To reinforce what they have learned, Johanniter and K&L have developed an easy-to-understand coloring, game, and workbook, a poster, and an app that are essential components of a teaching package for children between the ages of five and eleven.

We think: This is a good thing! That’s why we are happy to support this project.

p36 donation for Johanniter

The book, with lots of pictures for coloring, teaches girls and boys the skills they need to give first aid in emergencies and to recognize everyday sources of danger at home, in their free time and in traffic situations early on. Using case studies suitable for children, they receive tips and advice on first aid and prevention. At the same time, educators, teachers and parents can discuss and practice the illustrations with the children. The app shows learning videos and is the digital learning success check.

The coloring and workbooks as well as posters and the app are distributed free of charge in the kindergartens of the district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg. A commitment that we are very happy to join and support financially.