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The GxP Compliance Service

Master the Cloud Challenge and ensure qualified operations in the Cloud.
The GxP Compliance Service helps to master the Cloud Challenge and ensure qualified operations in the Cloud.

Our GxP Compliance Service supports your validation process in the following ways:

  • Requirement specification

    Define user and functional requirements in a human readable way.

  • Functional risk assesment

    Determine possible risks for each requirement to derive the needed test depth.

  • Test specification

    Reuse and directly link the defined requirements to executable tests.

  • Automated and continuous test execution

    Execute automated tests at predefined time intervals.

  • Verification report creation

    Automatic creation and distribution of verification reports containing summary information, detailed step-by-step descriptions as well as requirement traceability and documented evidence for each performed test step.

  • Monitoring, alerting and mitigation strategies

    Monitoring and alerting in case of deviations from the expected test outcome.

  • Integration into third-party systems

    Access to third-party systems for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) or any other system used in the validation process to link requirements and test reports.

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