We enable you to maintain global compliance

We care - our managed service approach

  • Market monitoring

    Together with our customers and partners, such as the GS1 Healthcare commitee, we continuously monitor the market requirements by exchanging and discussing information on upcoming UDI requirements.

  • Change implementation

    We implement changes of UDI requirements timely and notify you proactively to plan the deployment into your cloud solution account.

  • New authority interfaces

    Requirements of new regulatory authorities and their UDI databases are covered by new Content Packages that can be added to your UDI Platform at any time, delivered on top of the UDI Platform core.

  • Active customer support

    We support you in implementing the necessary data models according to your needs.

  • Validation support

    We offer you extensive validation support as well as an automated qualification infrastructure for a smooth validation process of your UDI Platform.

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